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Thirty-Three True Stories (Soft Cover)

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     The original "Long Captions" was to be a single volume; however, for convenience this is now two volumes.
     This book has thirty-three true stories and as such, it is primarily a little book of little stories with each story relating to a photograph. Most of the 75 photographs had never been published and are the property of the author. The stories are detailed captions for the photographs.
     The stories/captions were written to inspire or perhaps to provide some humor. Some stories may be thought-provoking; however, most were written to simply entertain the reader.
     Some stories are historical in context and may even be educational.
     Some are purely autobiographical; however, since the author feels that he is not that unique, he is likely addressing something that others have experienced - or wished they had.
     Some stories existed long before this book was even thought of. In some cases, the stories go back to 1944.
     No story was written just to fill a book.
     And always, no picture - no story.

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