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From First Humans to the Creation of Great Britain

(Soft Cover & eBook)

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      This book is for the most part a narrative written for the ease of understanding, and the comprehension of how many historical events occurred in a chronological sequence.
     The story starts in 500,000 BC with the oldest currently known human bone/artifact found in Britain. There are sections on anthropology and archaeological procedures so the reader will have an overall understanding of circumstances occurring in what is generally referred to as "prehistory."
      The story is ended in the early 1700s AD when "Great Britain" came to mean a unified England, Wales, and Scotland.
      Many types of people are studied; not just the entitled, but also those at the lowest levels of society how they lived, what they ate and how it was prepared, and their social constraints. Much of this story is uniquely Britain-based: however, there were still many parallels occurring in Western Europe.

     This history of the people in Britain was researched and compiled over a four-decade period which included five field trips to Britain in 1982, 1984, 1986, 1989, and 1992. These trips lasted from a month to six weeks each. During this time various historical sites were visited in the 23,000 miles of driving. Considerable literary searches were also occurring at this time.

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